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Senior GitLab exec resigns over plan to stop hiring engineers in China and Russia

bombastic bob Silver badge

I think the concern is NOT over individuals being a risk, but of their governments AND those parts of the internet that are OWNED by those governments...

So regardless, a government could (and in China's case, apparently DOES) set up MITM gateways across its "great firewall", thereby enabling spying on https traffic that might contain sensitive or private information that a government MIGHT consider "leverage".

Look at what China's influence (apparently through Nike) has done with respect to basketball players and their position on things like HONG KONG freedom-loving rebels. Don't they DARE support HONG KONG in this, or RETALIATION (like no more advertising contracts with Nike) _WILL_ happen.

I _TOTALLY_ get the concern here. Sad, but reality.

it does not make me very happy about it, though.

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