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Re: "no requirement of 'registration' for deactivated firearms"

"Come on, you don't require registration of such weapons, why do you suddenly need notification of change of ownership ? That is equivalent to saying that someone else now has it, which is the same as a registration in that person's name."

Probably because it was easier and cheaper to require a change of ownership notification in those countries with proper decommissioning regulations than introducing and enforcing proper decommissioning regulations in those countries which don't yet have them.

Funny how when a change of rule afftects profits, it'schanged in a way to increase profits, but when the change affects the "little" people, it's changed in a way that passes on the onerous duties to we "little" people. eg copyright was "harmonised" across the EU by increasing up to the German level for the whole of the EU, putting stuff back into copyright in many countries for a further 10-20 years.

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