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It's very interesting to read these comments as a US citizen. 9mm ammo is very common over here. Most Walmart stores have it on the shelf right now. My Ruger P94 9mm holds 10 rounds with the factory magazines. I bought two additional 15 round magazines and a box of Winchester Ranger "law enforcement only" rounds for it at a gun show. With the two factory magazines and the two 15 rounders, I can load a full box of ammo. The amount of damage that could be caused is somewhat shocking and I understand that not everyone should have one of these. That said, my 9mm is looked at as a weak firearm due to its lack of stopping power. Reading other comments about semi-auto shotguns (legal in the UK) being converted to full auto and you begin to realize that it's very hard to put the genie back in the bottle. A full auto shotgun is something you want to pickup as a room clearer in a video game. The 9mm semi-auto pistol, not so much.

I guess more rounds and less skillful reloading means my gun is not a friendly gun like a revolver is. This makes zero sense to me. I did see the bad guys in the movies using the newer "military-style" guns and the street cops have to fend them off with there revolvers. I understand that semi-automatic pistols might be a bit scarier to look at for some, but in my eyes all guns are made to kill. Some kill animals, some people, a small number "kill" targets and decoys. Setting up a registration for deactivated firearms is not a good use of resources. Take the cash for the program and setup a no questions asked buyback to take the working, unregistered firearms out of the community. Isn't that what you really want to accomplish? Do you really need to worry about the older, deactivated guns? Sorry if I'm trying to be too pragmatic.

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