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But the data gathered during the test runs *will* be of use in validating the simulation models, which in turn may then be of use in other scenarios. There's also the question of whether any of the technology might have applications in areas where similar forces/speeds are present - e.g. does the work that's gone into designing the Bloodhound wheels provide us with any new data that might be useful when designing high-RPM flywheels for energy storage?

I honestly don't know the answer to that or any other similar "what if/does this" questions that could be asked of other aspects of the Bloodhound project, but I'd be amazed if, once it's all done and dusted, it hasn't generated even a single piece of knowledge/data that can be put to good use somewhere else. And, even if it genuinely doesn't generate anything of tangible value at the end, it has acted as something of a useful catalyst for getting more people engaged in STEM - if it then results in even a tiny percentage uptick in the number of people choosing to follow a STEM educational and career path rather than whatever else they might have considered doing with their lives, the potential long term value of that effect is not to be sniffed at.

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