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Bloodhound rocket car target of 550mph put on ice after engine overheat

Roger Mew

Just a thought, for it to be a vehicle the wheels have to be driven. In the 1972 I was at Lakenheath in a US service vehicle and gave a lift down the flightline to a pilot whose plain was being serviced by my hanger. He got clearance to let me run the vehicle as I went back to the PX when he was taking off. For the record in his Macdonnell Voodoo I started and at the 1/2 mile point he started. I went as fast as the vehicle could go. He passed me at 1/2 mile + 50 yds at 55o miles per hour still on the ground and took off just in front of me. There was a reason why many people were interested, This I cannot go into but does this mean that his voodoo was a car, of course not so what is the difference to the thing they are running. Many many of Lakenheaths lower ranks enjoyed the above and was discussed by many, as was my purple US forces truck!

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