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A law no one will know about

Unless you go searching for it. So you'll potentially be in breach because it was "quietly" passed.

I'm confused where I stand with my blank firing pistols now. I got one before the stupid UKARA came in and then discovered you don't need the UKARA if they are at least 56% a bright colour, which is fine. But nothing stopping me respraying them if I wanted to just display them. But would that respraying been deemed illegal even if there were to never to leave the house?

I have 2 Glocks and 1 Beretta. I don't have any blank ammo and they meet the UK standards so can't be converted to fire live ammo. They aren't even the correct metal apparently for live ammo, so even if you tried they'd blow up in your hand.

The partner doesn't know I still have them, she hates them and doesn't want them in the house (they aren't fucking real). Can't sell them easily so was even thinking of taking them to the location station and they can get rid. However, recently having seen the documentary where Ross Kemp went round with a local guy that was collecting knifes off the local yuff, to hand into the police, it seems even that is pointless.

They went to one police station and it was closed, went to the other and the bin box was taped up. Went to the desk and the guy, who was a civi said he couldn't take them and needed an officer of which there were none. "Take them to another station" which was miles away. Eventually, because Ross was there, they convinced him to take them under the idea it's fucking better the police take them now, than he drive round in his van all night with them looking for a fucking station that will take them!

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