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Exactly. I'd rather the networks would get around to finishing the upgrade to 3G, then 4G, before dumping them for 5G.

In Germany there is something like 1,500 "not-spots", where there is no coverage, not even for calls to emergency services. On top of that there are still big holes in the 4G coverage. I'm on Vodafone and at work I get 2G coverage with under 200 bytes per second throughput - so slow the Vodafone Speedtest app claims there is no data signal to test.

Given that Vodafone sold me the contract with the promise of "up to 500MB/s", 200 bytes is several orders of magnitude behind what I am supposed to get!

I'd rather the networks get their acts together and deliver what they have already sold, before looking to the next generation. It was the same going from 2G to 3G.

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