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Europe to straggle Japan, China, US and Korea in 5G adoption stakes

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Of course they will struggle/straggle

Because they are content to be the quintessential willy wavers when the launch is limited to only a few streets in a single town, but getting the bragging rights, and singing and dancing from the rooftops.

Its a media oneupmanship game they are playing, esp. here in the UK. Brings nothing on the table for the common man, unless they are mugs enough to buy the latest shiny shiny (5G logo) earning them brownie points too. Which is another one of mug's game. (And downloading a film in seconds becomes a selling point). The use case scenario is totally missing. Unless one can use 5G as a home BB replacemnt, which in my opinion is a few years away, till the signals are ominpresent and reliably consistent.

I will be happy if they fix 4G first.

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