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Dough! Jobs microsite for UK's data watchdog set hundreds of cookies without visitors' consent

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By "solution", I assume they mean some wanky so-called "consent" form, that probably actually won't work "properly" unless you permit third-party scripts and cookies (and which will still phone home to all of those third party sites: all that these lousy forms do, if they work at all, is tell the third-party spyware sites to "disregard" the information that they harvest about your id; I am sure that they are still collecting the information, regardless (I very much doubt that the tracking companies will actually have amended their back-end systems to not collect the data for that particular id as the tracking script gets called, as that would involve actual significant work on their part - far easier for them just to add an "ignore_me" field to their database instead?)).

That's not the solution. The solution is not to have any third-party spyware on the site in the first place.

It's a job application site: applicants will be submitting their CV or similar information, which contains a lot of personal data, much of which is also fairly confidential.

We know that sites such as Facebook start to analyse what you type, actually as you type: how can we possibly trust that any of the adware/spyware scripts running on the job application site are not only merely tracking your presence at a particular URI, but are also doing exactly the same thing ("to improve the relevancy of your advertising experience")? (It really would not surprise me if it turned out that Google Analytics scripts, and similar, also tap keyboard input in this way, too: has anyone ever audited those scripts to check what they really do?)

The only organisation who should know the details of what job applicants are uploading or typing into the website should be the ICO. It's bad enough that they are using a sleazy "recruitment agency" (is there actually any other sort?) to process applications.

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