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I just used the full-sized GPT-2 from on the opening paragraph... the result made me chuckle a bit.

"Buying a house is a major ordeal. You go from door to door, months zip past and something's never quite right... then you find it, "the one". A five-bedroom home in Pinner, Harrow, northwest London. It's exactly the size you had hoped and dreamt it would be. The price? £1,395,000. You're a good man - you've made it.

Or is it? The only way to find out is to buy it.

The first thing you see when you knock on the front door is a man holding a broom handle in one hand.

This is the house's "landlady", and she greets you with a smile as you step inside. But that smile is broken when you realise she's wearing a wig and a dress and you're wondering why she's so happy.

Inside, everything is perfectly normal. It's a family home, but the children are not. In fact, they're probably all dead.

And the family has left their home in a different part of London - the one you live in now.

This is one of the most incredible real estate deals."

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