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Skills Matter... sadly, so does cash flow: 15-year-old London dev events biz enters administration


Might this also be an indication of how poor many UK companies are at the continuing education of their staff?

Lots of places I've worked take the view that the employee is responsible for their continuing education. They simply clear out during the annual culling anyone who doesn't continually upskill themselves.

That's not to say I agree its solely the employees responsibility, but really, if you aren't looking after your education, who exactly should be? So it's definitely mostly the employees responsibility.

The bank I work for will spend a (very) small amount of money on certs/training, but that's dwarfed by the amount of money thrown into the diversity or health & safety holes.

Perhaps also how seriously that staff believe they might even need continuing education?

Not continuing to upskill yourself is a very time limited concept. Literally everyone I know who took the view that their employer had to do it or they wouldn't has had patchy employment over the last 10 years (which has been tech boom II). Come the recession next year they're really going to struggle - the era of more jobs than coders is all but over for this cycle, competition for roles is going to come back in a big way over the next few years. If you're not ready now, make yourself ready ASAP.

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