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Socket to the energy bill: 5-bed home with stupid number of power outlets leaves us asking... why?

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As a former electrician, ESF talking utter pish as always.

At worse one breaker is going to pop and only after a significant time (how many 3+Kw appliances do most people have now? I#m guessing the kettle and maybe the washing machine/dryer and they are all in the kitchen, most living room appliances are low wattage, barring any massive old school plasma screens) , not the whole "fusebox" - and they are meant to be the electrical safety "experts"....we are fucked well and truly if they are giving out advice to joe public....

fire risk from holes in the walls....really? Its only recently intumescent seals have been mandated on domestic and tbh the UK has a REALLY low instance of domestic house fires especially compared to the USA and most of Europe...(Many parts of Spain would give ESF a heart attack)

I'm guessing someone had either a home theatre or a serious audio visual setup going on.

Also your meant to avoid power bars / extension cords due to the trip hazard / risk of overheating sockets, ideally you should have everything on its own socket, so again shows ESF are talking their usual nonsense.....most of them either have never worked as an electrician or if they have it was years ago.....

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