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Lots of sockets

I was wondering where to put this comment.

whoever wired up my kitchen also went OTT with the sockets. my kitchen only measures 10 ft x 7ft but has 10 power outlets. Plus a 'cooker' socket.

Is that 10 doubles, or 10 sockets? Being in the middle of a house wire at the moment, the IET recommendations (table H7, p 192 in the current On Site Guide) for sockets do seem slightly overkill. Kitchens, for example? Up to 12m2 the recommendation is for a minimum of six double-socket outlets, not counting any socket on the cooker control unit. They seem to assume that appliances will have separate outlets, though this isn't mandated. Kitchens up to 25m2 should have at least eight double outlets and larger kitchens should have ten or more. Socket outlets above kitchen worktops should be spaced no more than 1m apart.

Similar stories for other rooms. The living room is interesting - between 12 and 25m2 the recommendation is for a minimum of six double sockets, plus an additional two double sockets in the part of the room where the TV is to be placed. In other words, our 14.8m2 lounge - not a massive room - has ended up with a pair of double sockets (i.e. four sockets) in each corner and another double to make up the numbers.

With a house built almost entirely of block, and no plasterboard anywhere to be seen, that was a whole load of back boxes to sink. Still doing it in fact.


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