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Ring mains surely?

I was under the impression that the size of a ring main was limited by the floor area it served, not the number of outlets. I'd question the taste of the people wiring the house, especially in the choice of socket fascias, but if you don't want to use the socket then just don't plug anything into it. As for power consumption, the comments sound like everyone's familiar with old-fashioned British wiring or US wiring or something like that and didn't understand how a ring main works.

What was notable for me was the price tag for the house. I used to live in the UK but relocated to California back when doing this gave you serious house price sticker shock. The reverse seems to be the case now; I live in a fairly upscale part of the state, houses are expensive but they're nothing like as pricey as this one purports to be -- typically for that money you'd much more house, probably amenities like a pool and a decent garage. (OK, houses in the Bay Area are off the charts but then that's not comparing like with like -- this place is in Birmingham, not Cupertino....)

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