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Now, now. The correct term is military industrial complex, which we were warned about by an American president, who happened to be a former general. Just because it's rooted in an economic entanglement with the Pentagon doesn't mean that every American is so overjoyed to be protected in that way.

And don't forget that old economic trope about the demand, which to some degree pulls in every country that buys military hardware, though I have to admit that all kinds top-heavy markets involve some degree of bully factor.

And, then there are the ones want to stop it with some non-western military industrial complex, pitting weapons against weapons. Oh, yes, you did point that out.

I just want to help us get the labels right. But then, we don't live in a world where a balanced, non-polarized view can have much voice. Oh, well. Can't wait to see what way the votes go, as I have yet to be able to predict such things.

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