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'Peregrine falcon'-style drone swarms could help defend UK against Gatwick copycat attacks

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Re: Do Peregrines hunt pork?

Not only that but peregrins swoop down from above at very high speed, I have seen a Peregrin take a pigeon out of the sky and hit the ground with it before grabbing it again and taking off for a meal.

So swarms of Peregrin bots hovering over airports to negate drone incursions makes excellent sense, no?

My preference would be to clone Colin Furze and station Furzebots around airports on the ground armed with potato cannon, fit a grill on the end of the barrel so that the potatoes come out as chips achieving a shotgun effect. The chips that missed would be environmentally friendly and rot away or feed passing seagulls........ no wait

If they can be silly, so can I, can I have my money in Euros please?

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