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Microsoft is pretty adept at ignoring trends. MSFT ignored the commercial Internet and spun out their own dubious and vague Microsoft Network that almost nobody used, only to rush to patch up a lot later in the game and doing a mess in the process. MSFT also ignored the clear and open standards for the web and birthed the most despised lineage of browsers ever. They also missed the start on mobile connected devices (even though their WinCE worked surprisingly well in many cases) only to shoot themselves in the foot with Windows 8/RT and enslavement of Nokia to the Evil Empire. They mocked the Open Source movement and achievements for decades only to embrace them towards the end of the second decade of this century...

They are changing their coats those years, but the nasty habbits are still there. They have enough glamour and business prowess to attract some brilliant people from time to time, though (Sysinternals comes to mind first, but for sure there are many unsung heroes in the pot).

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