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"Sadly, AMD remains largely a sideshow"

Be patient. It takes around 6 months after a server CPU launches before you get solid numbers on volume and then potentially 6 more months before you can easily judge market share.

The figures we see at the moment are largely AMD's Naples servers that are competitive with Intel but that doesn't make a great case for change in the server world. the Rome EPYC's released in August alter that significantly, particularly in light of minimal development on Intels side.

If a cloud provider (or 2 or 3 or 4) decide to use them, that is potentially 1-2 million CPU's a quarter which would equate to 10%-25% market share.

Yes, that is a very optimistic view of AMD's potential, but Intel finds itself in a very unusual position where it may have the single-threaded performance lead, but the majority of the market is after price/performance and Intel need to cut prices in half to even begin to compete, and may not have the capacity to do it.

Interesting times.

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