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Well.. Obama was more because while he's a likable guy, he's severely incompetent as any sort of president. Trump on the other hand is the exact opposite.

Obama was able to keep people rapt with his dog and pony act, but he sucked heavily for the country. We went from being a nation of the proud and personal accountability, respected around the world; to a nation on our knees internationally, with group and identity politics holding sway over personal responsibility, which is ludicrous. We went from being mildly in debt to being heavily in debt, and I'm not just talking about the seriously lagged recovery of our economy under him. Small businesses suffered heaviest under more than 20 THOUSAND regulations, the majority of which were designed specifically to cripple small to medium businesses while boosting mega business.

Trump on the other hand, people either like or hate intensely. Yet, under him we have the best economy in over a century, unemployment is the lowest it's been in decades, and we have less people in the poor bracket with more middle class earners than in the last century. We have a more comprehensive trade platform, with trade agreements now leaning in our favor rather than crippling American trade. Small businesses are actually flourishing. Hell, I don't earn much but I have more in my pocket after Trumps taxation policies thus far, and instead of getting it cheap from China I spend more locally, which stimulates business, which stimulates more potential tax cuts, etc.

The thing is, people get caught up in hating the man when it comes to politics. And they're not wrong: presuming even a quarter of the things we hear are true, I'm sure the President isn't a nice guy. But I'd rather a horrible reprobate that knows how to get us on our feet, stimulates the economy, puts more money BACK in my pocket, reduces government overreach, represents my nation properly; than someone everyone likes but kills the country off.

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