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Was a developer, also have a BSc in CSAI, but now have been primarily a windows admin for 17 years.

Microsoft have moved their focus to Azure and Azure services. Cross platform development, as they now know that server side for future services is on linux, as the cost of windows and the advantages that windows provided in terms of management is gone in the 'cloud' (micro-services) era, which Nadella is all in on.

I don't imagine any gargantuan task in keeping exists apps working, why would they, they are a 'cloud' provider, dropping windows in the mid term and compatibility means doing nothing. When they have enough companies migrated to the 'cloud' and their on premise solutions are so bare bones and require azure services to function anyway that most just don't have it. Along with office 365 being available with full functionality in the browser (with partial offline support) that there is no need for a native binary they have nothing to keep developing windows.

They have VS which they need to migrate, which they have started by creating VS code. They will keep expanding on that, they bring out a almost complete version with the remaining functionality done via Azure.

For Azure services that they have that still use windows, can still run on the core version that they use, but will require far less development as it will have a far narrowed scope.

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