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Currently it seems NominetUK list nothing; yes it may verify a company given as the registrant has matching records at Companies House, but a whois lookup returns little that is useful in helping to determine the trustworthiness of a website. So it currently seems all registrants: companies or individuals, are being treated as equals under GDPR.

This is causing problems, for example recently I have had cause to recover control of some domains for a client (staff leaving both client and their IT support provider), for which it was necessary to determine the email address that had been used for the registration. Chatting with support and Nominet was fun as we navigated around GDPR as the registrar wasn't going to give out information that might potentially fall under GDPR. For example, whilst the website might had the same name as the company and list the company's registered address inits registration, the contact email address was that of an named individual and thus was considered to be protected under GDPR. However, we needed to know the contact/registrant email address so that we could identify who needed to do the password reset and so update contact/ownership records...

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