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Haunted by Europe's GDPR, ICANN sharpens wooden stake to finally slay the Whois vampire


And the 90-day negotiations will cover a “plan and provisions to sunset the obligations related to the WHOIS protocol as we transition Registration Data Services to RDAP.” Which, in non-policy wonk language, means Whois is finally going to die. And not a decade too soon.

Technically, you can say I don't care how I get my abuse address, but I still want to get my abuse address. What is the point in killing WHOIS, if the same information will be still available via another protocol? If you say it is to stop bots, then you are lying as bots will change to match the new protocol.

I am currently working on a design where my firewall blocks IP connections unless I can look up and acquire an abuse contact. (This means that if you want to connect to me then you will provide your information in a public viewable form. Which said idea, I respond and say why get rid of the WHOIS protocol if the new RDAP does EXACTLY the same thing!)

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