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Haunted by Europe's GDPR, ICANN sharpens wooden stake to finally slay the Whois vampire

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It's been a progressive decline over many years, but whois was once genuinely useful. Want to know if something is genuine or a phisher? Whois was a useful tool: check if $domain is registered to $respectable-co or to $dodgy-geezer, and more crucially whether it's just-registered or has been around far longer than the lifetime of a bare-fraud domain.

My recollection is that for a brief period, when Verispam bought the Notwork Solutions monopoly, the registrar itself presented a spam problem. The world was able to deal with that, as other registrars behaved better when the monopoly was broken. What a shame the world didn't review whois at or around that time to keep (even perhaps strengthen) the useful parts but protect the spam-vulnerable.

Add that to things like right-to-be-forgotten helping a fraudster hide exposure, and the 'net just gets friendlier for the seriously-bad-guys.

Requiescat in Pace.

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