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Haunted by Europe's GDPR, ICANN sharpens wooden stake to finally slay the Whois vampire

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Brexit: a smorgasbord of shit

GDPR successfully shafts a US org, and we want to leave the EU? I mean, wow, my US employer mandated shed loads of training to make sure no one could point the finger at them. I think their trousers smelled a bit. I smiled (a lot) when I read this article.

This proves that the EU has teeth -- albeit of the soft power variety. And we want to leave? Good luck with that.

This is a case study if one were needed why we should revoke. A pint, because I think the EU deserves one. Hopefully Ijwit from Amsterdam.

(cue the downvotes -- you have to give me more than 50 to beat my previous record)

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