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Yes, Jump directly to the "Well so and so is doing it".

Instead concentrate on the fact that everyone is doing it, and if they are not doing it they are falling behind everyone else. We live in a world that is changing by the day, and while I hate the basis of a Zero Sum game that's the one everyone seems to be playing. A government/corporation/nation state/tribal group/net collective/religious group is required by its nature to ensure the success and survival of its group even it is to the detriment of every other group, to not partake in research and escalation of technology even if sometime unethical could be construed as unethical not to do.

The best defense we can have is open information, transparency in creation, oversight that is also transparent, and sometimes just faith (with transparency wherever possible. Aka Trust but Verify) that the core belief system of your group will prevent the worst of those offenses from occurring.

Instead of concentrating on one group, or justifying your groups actions because so and so is doing it. Find a way of creating Transparency, make test or regulations that nation states must comply to, create negative consequences for inserting supply chain poison pills, break up over consolidation of production under one region or power and ensure competition and thus honesty at the lowest level. If region A gets identified for introducing firmware changes or board level bypasses, Region B can instantly replace its supply thus incentivizing Region A from not doing a dumb action if it wishes to continue operating.

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