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Re: Help me out here... Why can't they use google services?

Thanks for the reply.

Most useful

My unauthorised devices which work fine are all built pre the date given, which is presumably why they still work.

As for the binaries, I had assumed they were freely distributable, as I thought google would want to get their stamp on every device out there. Obviously I was wrong.

I realise that I'm in the minority using android as a desktop, but it's so frustrating not being able to have a more powerful version of my current customised setup.

I even bought the highest spec asus chromebox 3 recently, and trying to reduce the dumbed down "everything in a browser" chromeos in preference for the android emulation has been a hassle, and not 100% successful.

My point is, I've only been able to do my setup on a chinese box. If google continues to restrict android, and then restrict more open android platform, they'll lose me as a customer.

Can someone PLEASE invent a nice window manager that isn't hobbled? I have no desire to copy text every time I left-click or scroll using a narrow scroll bar... x11 is a pain in the arse.

All I want is a decent powrful and unstripped unix system underneath (I'd prefer FreeBSD but will take Linux), with android compatibility, and an android-style mouse-interface (which works more or less like the touch interface), and I'm willing to pay!

Sorry, rant over... And I didn't mean to post the previous as anon!


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