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Mandatory electronic prescriptions was the easy bit in NHS paperless plans

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i dont

use the 'e-prescription' thing as I've seen the endless faffing about as the pharmacy tries to download the thing... then it doesn't , then it does but only for 1/2 the items.

Plus the fact you have to 'nominate' a pharmacy... which is fine if you use the same one all the time, however in the case of the pharmacies around here, tend to be good or f'ing useless.......... so you can spend lots of time finding out the f'ing useless ones, then goto a good one and have to wait for an hr because so many people use the good one.

'But the pharmacies can clearly read the prescription' comes the bleat... strangely , my doc has been printing out the things and just signing the bottom for ages....

Oh well, looking forward to my next round of drugs..... which due to a routing error have to be picked up in Thurso...

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