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Mandatory electronic prescriptions was the easy bit in NHS paperless plans

G R Goslin

The Lord save us...

.. from these endless 'economies'. If it's like practically all Government initiatives the savings of £300 million, pale into insignificance against all the ancillary costs which are ignored, The hardware, the software, the maintenance, the cock-ups, the hand-outs, the support.

it's odd the way things go. A while back I researched costs of 1914 against 2014, in real terms, taking into account all the 'improvements' with modern technologies, manufacture, transport, etc. In 2914, in modern day terms, a pint of beer would have cost you around £1. Now. with all the savings that modernisation has brought, the cost is approaching £4. Much was the same with postage. The stamp on your letter now costs more than double what it did in 1914. And in 1914 you got two posts a day, and one on Sunday.

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