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Mandatory electronic prescriptions was the easy bit in NHS paperless plans

Da Weezil

God help us when this hits Wales. My GP used to use the "my surgery" website service that just worked fine, the log in page would populate from my password vault and everything was good - even my dyslexic sister could cope with it.

The they inflicted (My Health On-line) mess on us. despite several attempts to anchor my log in to the log in facility the site defaulks to with a 3 field table for you to REGISTER with, use requires an id code issued by your GP surgery to make your initial registration, on this page is a tick box for "I have a username" that then modifies the log in box to a 2 field table for just username and password.

In my view the "register" page should only be seen when using the site for the first time - after that you should be able to land directly on the page with the correct 2 field table to log in without having to click through from the "wrong" table (it doesnt remember the choice from previous visits). When I raised this with the Twonks in Cardiff i was told this was how it had been delivered by the people who built the site and we would just have to live with it. Totally unbelieveable.

So like all things the come out of Cardiff Bay and its satellites, Im expecting it to be as bad as anything else.

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