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Mandatory electronic prescriptions was the easy bit in NHS paperless plans


'Electronic' repeats will not automatically fix the processes.

SWMBO and I have both had regular repeat prescriptions for years.

I used to have a 'nominated pharmacy' and would log in to a web-based service every 28 days to request a repeat from the doctor and then go to the nominated pharmacy to collect my pills (no, not dried frog). I then lost (part of) a batch of pills with some of my luggage while on a business trip and asked the surgery to issue an early repeat prescription which they happily did - but the pharmacy (initially) refused to issue them as 'it wasn't due'. In my book if the doctor says 'issue more pills' the pharmacy should just get on with it. Anyhow, I de-nominated that pharmacy (which was far more difficult than it should have been) and now every 28 days I request a repeat prescription on the web-based service and collect the paper from my doctor's surgery and take it to any pharmacy that's convenient for me. At my annual checks the surgery keeps suggesting 'electronic repeat dispensing' will be far more convenient for me - but it wouldn't be. If they were to be honest and say it would be more efficient for them, I'd seriously consider it.

SWMBO has encountered a different problem: She was happy requesting repeat prescriptions on the surgery web page at any time of the day or night and picking up her pills from her nominated pharmacy at any time during opening hours in the following few days. She was then asked to go onto electronic repeat dispensing - where a single prescription is issued by the doctor to the pharmacy to cover almost a full year (13 x 28 days) and then she contacts the pharmacy to request a new batch every 28 days. The trouble is, the pharmacy hasn't got web-based ordering so she has to remember to order her next batch of pills during pharmacy opening hours and then visit a few days later to collect them.

One step forward...

'Electronic' repeats could be used to improve things - but not if the process is fundamentally flawed.

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