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Good guy, Microsoft: Multi-factor auth outage gives cloudy Office, Azure users a surprise three-day weekend

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11 months to the day...

I figured they would've learned from when this exact same thing happened exactly 11 months ago.

So glad we tore up our contract with Microsoft last year when this happened and moved to an on-premise install of Dovecot with some calendaring plug-ins and switched from Outlook to Thunderbird with a Calendering add-on. We also noticed that since moving to a cloud-based solution, our workers became increasingly stressed and work output dropped due to workers responding to emails and messages at all hours. Shortly afterwards, we implemented a "Work is for work hours, all other time is for personal things" policy and work quality has increased sharply. People are reporting to work well-rested and stress-free. We have people to handle the off-hours stuff (6 shifts; 3 full-time weekday shifts and 3 part-time weekend shifts). Management is happy since we're spending far less on customer support and increased sales from customers happy with our now-improved products.

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