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Yahoo! Groups' closure and a tale of Oftel: Die-hard users 'informally' included telcos

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Don't Panic!

It's enough to make you pine for the days of Yahoo! Groups.

Oh no it isn't.

The final demise of Yahoo Groups has been foretold for quite some time, even if the foretelling wasn't actually on any Yahoo Group. I am a member of several groups that used to be hosted on Yahoo, but most migrated to a different host months or years ago while others effectively withered on the vine, and were doing anyway.

This bit of news has unsurprisingly generated a flurry (no; a storm) of activity by (Yahoo) group owners to find a new home which in turn has generated a lot of work for the "home owner". The group for "group managers" has shown a significant increase in membership, and more than a few posts from panic - stricken owners trying to maintain some continuity of service. Some of the questions they are posing suggest that they don't deserve any continuity of service, but that's another matter entirely.

In other news, having an online group for telcos is not actually a bad idea, but I can see why Ofcom itself would not wish to try to host it. At the time that group was set up on Yahoo it probably made sense; if they choose carefully they can find another host that will not bombard them with advertisements while at the same time keeping the group out of the public gaze.

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