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"ICE's human rights abuses "

Look, I don't know if it's the drugs, or you're just mentally retarded. ICE performs an important job in keeping ILLEGAL ALIEN HUMANS out of the country. It is their remit to do so. And even so, in the US, you are entitled to challenge the right to kick you out in court, and you are guaranteed a fair due process by LAW - in a country you had no right to be in the first place! That's something no other country I can think of gives you. It's enabled people to argue for and receive asylum after being caught and pending deportation. If I just entered your country and demanded rights, services, and jobs; you'd be lynching me immediately and I'd have NO RIGHT to due process to argue my case - I'd be shunted out in a heartbeat back home. Yes, I would.

There is no human right that allows you to just enter any country of your choosing, and demand to stay, whether or not at the cost of legal taxpayers. That right is gained by:

Applying for asylum, which can be done at any legal port of entry.

Applying for an appropriate visa, which can be done at any embassy

This is something that people are lacking some critical intelligence point on. Dammit.

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