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Re: "remember BMW used slave labour in the 1940's?"

"What if a "religious" company decides not to sell to LGBTQ customers, or hospitals making abortions? It can quickly becomes a real minefield about who shouts louder"

What if they do? Guys, you're missing the point of capitalism here. Businesses - except for in very rare cases - do not care what color your money is, whether you take it in back or in front, or if you have serious mental problems. As long as there's no law stopping them selling goods to you, they are after the money first.

This is the whole reason the US got Jim Crow laws enforced on them. Shopowners were happy to sell to black customers who had money. The law had to get enforced to stop them selling.

Capitalism is about money, and again with the very small outlier exceptions, are going to take money from whoever they can.

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