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""Lobbying" gets a lot of stick, but it's not inherently a bad thing. Lobbying is simply what happens when a government asks people what effects certain decisions or policies may have on them. That seems to me like a pretty good idea."

I concede my point about lobbying was not well made - as long as lobbying is done in a manner that allows different views to be represented reasonably fairly and transparently it has a place.

Where lobbying tends to fall foul of fairness/transparency is when the resources on one side significantly skew the argument and there is insufficient transparency to see what has happened before decisions on laws and regulations are made . A recent example being the FCC's net neutrality/set top box cost investigations <link></link>

For companies that go down a path or fair, transparent lobbying, I agree with your point. I'm not so sure corporate America fits that model and American politics certainly tends to favour those that make significant campaign donations which leads to the question of just how fair it is.

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