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Unfortunately if you, like me, swap between Aerial view and downloaded explorer map*, then by going back to the offline maps through that menu screen resets the scaling and centring of the map.

The premise behind this new app is that the device will have an always on connection, which is utterly idiotic given the likely use case. If you have always on, there are dozens of far better, far cheaper apps and maps to use. If you buy a paper map, they give you a download map code included now. It's very handy. But as you zoom in and out, they don't cache all the other scales of map within that downloaded map's coverage area, so you get a 5" view of a very detailed map indeed, and if you are in the mountains with no signal, you can't zoom out, pan, then zoom in. The zoomed out view is ultra lo-res and useless for placing an orienteering flag on base camp which is about 50" of screen size away. The system doesn't even give you a bearing from where you are to a dropped orienteering pin so you can put the phone away in the pouring rain and use a simple compass to get closer to where you're going.

It's utterly useless in the current form. Might as well use Google Maps. Or even Apple Maps. at least that take you to new and surprising places.

I've asked them if they'll make the old version available whilst they sort out this new one.

*very useful for checking if the farm a mile away you can see nestling in the trees with a blue tarp over the barn and the pink walls is the same as the now you think it is on the map.

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