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As for IBM

I reat that famous book about IBM, from cover to cover.

The facts it recounted - with one minor exception - showed that IBM had done everything in its power to prevent misuse of its equipment and technology by the Nazis.

The way the book tried to spin the things, of course, told a different story, but because apparently the writer was careful to ensure his facts were accurate, the spin didn't conceal the truth, which was obvious from the book's very own pages.

The exception? Apparently IBM did take steps to cover up the use of punched cards of the IBM style - illegally - by the Nazis in the operation of the concentration camps, to avoid an undeserved hit to its image. That was the only thing in that whole book that IBM did that could be construed as anything but exemplary corporate conduct.

Read the book, but while you're reading, pay attention to the facts, not the emotions the writer is trying to stimulate.

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