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> These people who are sounding off on Google's internal message boards? Fine, but don't protest your employer and expect no consequences.

That's a bit of a strawman; a lot of such folks do expect consequences, they just believe in their stances enough that they feel the consequences will be worth it.

Conversely, this move by GitLab is an attempt to avoid consequences for actions, and is rather preemptively cowardly.

I'd flip it around a bit: If you only want mindless drones, only hire mindless drones.

As the article points out, GitLab would like to portray itself differently from all that, with an extensive Code Of Conduct that takes many moral stances and tries to position the company as being encouraging of a high level of ethical behaviour. While I disagree with your managerial philosophy as espoused here, I would in fact far rather see a company run explicitly along the grounds you lay out than be cloaked in misleading rhetoric like GitLab is.

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