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"This is a very confused post"

Because the issue is far more complex than many people think, and the solution far more complex than they like to think.

It's the classic case when some kind of activism looks good for a while, and then drive the situation to the exactly opposite outcome - just like in "Animal Farm" - where a restricted idea of what is "good" (and for a restricted elite) is bloody enforced on others. Saw it already 51 years ago. "Collectives" deciding without any authority but violent force what was "good" or not.

Is ICE right? No. But when you pick up your battles, you have also to pick up the right fight - which may no be the simplest one, like staying in your cubicle and furiously flood your company with tweets about not selling stuff to them - but carefully avoiding to go on strike, picket ICE offices, or quitting the job. I refused to work for companies I didn't like - I was lucky enough to afford it.

How much of China surveillance, censorship and "re-education" camps run on open source code? Are this people trying to enforce their code is not use for such tasks, or prefer to ignore the problem utterly?

It's always easier to protest against an easy target when you don't feel any impact from the outcomes of it - while carefully, hypocritically avoiding any protest that will make you feel the impact, and make your life less glamorous...

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