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Not every place. ElReg doesn't require it (obviously), my bank doesn't require it (the reason why I switched from my old bank), various fora don't require it, numerous shopping sites can still place my order without it, and the National Library Service for the Blind doesn't need it.

Any news site that refuses to deliver content because they claim I'm running an ad blocker is automaticly given TheFinger for being unable to tell the difference between a refusal to run JS and an ad blocker. Requesting a Google cache of their URL then gives me a plain text version of the page in question, lets me read the content, & often proves it wasn't worth the hassle of the Google hoop at all.

I use a desktop browser on a desktop, scripts of all kinds turned off by default, prompting for first party cookies, auto refusing all third party cookies, don't allow cross domain content to be loaded (so sorry your advertisers can't force their stuff on me, oh boo hoo), and a bunch of other security measures to try & protect myself.

I'm amazed but not in the least bit surprised that a SmartPhone associated with the biggest ad flinger in the world (Google) doesn't allow ad blockers that can actually do the job to exist on their platform. Oh sure programmers try to get around it, but then Google yanks the program & the infinite game of whack-a-mole continues.

Apple is a smidge better as far as ad blocking goes, but then they patrol their walled garden like a Nazi concentration camp & kill anything they don't like, including programs that do things they don't want their inmates being able to do. (How's that ban of the program that let folks avoid police trouble hot spots in China coming along?)

I might feel differently if I could still see to use a swipey tappy touchy feely SmartPhone, but then if I could still see I'd be running a LibrePhone instead, or a Linux based device that let me Get Shit Done rather than a mere media consumption device that also happened to make calls...

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