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The credential manager trick works, BTW, I too had a gazillion there ...

The first 7 or so versions would not upgrade automatically, MS cannot write an installer, I had to download the latest, uninstall old Teams, install new version.

Sometimes, it will not let me watch video chat because of a GPU driver issue, I have Intel HD GPU core in my CPU with latest driver - a "real" reboot fixes this. Restarting the graphics system with CTRL+WIN+SHIFT+B plus 3 sacrificed chicken in the bath does not help.

The sad thing, though, is that you can read passwords from the credential manager in clear text, which means that any software that uses the credential manager, like Teams, is inherently insecure trash that can leak your password.

PS: I have mentioned this credential manager thing on here before and got a steep heap of downvotes, I do not care, nor does Windows, downvote all you want it will still leak your credential passwords to any program that knows the trick - I actively use the trick in a solution of mine - it seems to be an effective way of both hiding passwords from windevs and retrieving them with ease.

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