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Suspect it's your flavour of rollout. We're in the process of migrating to Office 365 and with many bells and whistles. I've found that Teams is a much easier to manage and stable tool than SfB was. I can call from within Teams on whatever device (mobile, pc, tablet) I happen to have at hand while working. using Teams with Planner, Whiteboard, OneNote & Lens has been relatively painless and actually improved our collaboration and info sharing. It's also meant that we've had to actually go through the years of accumulated digital cruft on file shares, desktop drives, etc and clean up. Which was a really good exercise- I went from trying to manage dozens of folder shares to having two O365 Groups (we had to bifurcate internal & external federation due to legal requirements).

That said, there are definitely gripes:

OneNote - Teams integration is shite if one has repeating Teams meetings scheduled in Outlook. Teams (or OneNote) won't auto-create a separate OneNote page per meeting.

Adding external visitors to the federated Group SharePoint is a pia.

And so forth, or, as it was in your case, it's an implementation issue and we've just borked it here. :)

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