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Standard? What "standard"???

"... it does not change the way Google can prioritize AMP pages in search results, and therefore ensure that publishers have to support the standard"

Funny. I don't recall any involvement of the W3C in the design or creation of AMP. In fact, my recollection is that Google basically said "here's a thing we want you to use to speed up your pages on mobile".

In my eyes, the single greatest concern in all those listed by the link in the article can be summed up by this quote: "Thing is, Google is pushing AMP adoption by their regular means of propaganda — 'AMP sites will rank higher on Google!'. So we have a proprietary "standard", created by the company whose name is now used as a verb in the context of "search the web", and whose search engine is a complete black box - to the point where an entire industry has grown up for the purpose of trying predict its behaviour (SEO).

In fact, AMP sounds a lot like ASIJMU. And quite frankly, I'd trust Steven over Google - at least he's openly evil.

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