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Microsoft Teams: The good, the bad, and the ugly

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Teams is the symptom of a Microsoft that is all over the radar and desperately trying to stay relevant in a world where PCs are heading towards oblivion.

Not this old trope again!

There is no such world. PCs are not going anywhere... their market share has declined, as the people who have relatively simple media consumption needs have switched to simple media consumption devices, but PCs are far better than phones or tablets at too many things to suggest that they're heading towards oblivion.

For years, the trend in the PC market was toward larger (and more) monitors, more mass storage, more performance, more of everything. Now we're supposed to believe that these things no longer matter because people have handheld devices with displays smaller than PCs ever had? Even the iPad Pro is small compared to a typical PC display these days.

Microsoft doesn't need PCs to remain relevant. They're making a fortune these days, and it's not about PCs. Microsoft is all about the cloud these days, and it doesn't matter which media consumption devices are used at the end-user level.

In terms of enterprise software, people will need spreadsheets, word processors, presentation software, and collaboration software regardless of the actual hardware in use, and MS is the de facto standard-bearer in all of those but the last (and they're working on that, though clumsily, as the article indicates). For those of us who got off the Microsoft crazy train at about the point that Windows 10 was released, it would be great if that was not the case, but we keep hearing "we need Office" as a reason why switching to Linux won't work. Who knows... maybe that will change too. MS clearly doesn't care much about Windows anymore.

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