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Microsoft Teams: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Tilda Rice

Pascal, really?

Surface is the #5 brand behind, HP, Lenovo, Apple and Dell. Not bad for a company new in PC hardware sales really.

Is the PC not relevant? Everyone at this company still has one, even though they is around 80% smartphone allocation, and growing 30% tablet dual users.

Teams isn't too bad. If you have 365, meetings from 365 email in your agenda, the SharePoint integration is actually works pretty well. It depends on the type of user you are, and what other services you have from MS. It is a pretty decent glue.

As always, its "fashionable" (certainly round here) to bash MS, but still a bit on the juvenile side no?

Funny was sat in a meeting today, hating on Android and the pain of enterprise management of it. I wish our pockets were deep enough to issue an iPhone to everyone outside of exceland Windows Phones were that device that filled the gap. Reliable, decent managability, decent in life support clearly stated (try finding that on a Sony website). Sad that MS gave up. But its not their fault people whined and moaned about it and it had an image problem. They were very decent.

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