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"You could always threaten a bigger crisis for next quarter ...."

Looking at the larger picture, PC sales have been in steady decline for years but there was an expectation that there would be a slight sales bump in 2018 that never came (Gartner indicated a 1.3% decline for the year), I would suggest due to a sluggish economy and high component costs leading to pent up demand in 2019.

We have seen (from sales figures) businesses replacing PC's in 2019 to meet the Win7 end-of-life - the threat of tariffs/consumer tax increases is/has likely reduced the likelihood of purchases being delayed until 2020.

I predict stories about the death of the PC in 2020 when this largely artificial bubble bursts leading to a mid-to-high teens percentage decline in sales in Q1/Q2 as the demand disappears, regardless of the next crisis... Aside from the Win7 end-of-life, does anyone see anything to drive actual demand versus the significant declines caused by the increased power of mobile devices?

Reference for overall PC market for context:

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