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Facts and figures or forced feeding

"Fewer than three years later, Microsoft claims over 500,000 organisations are using Teams and it has amassed over 13 million daily users+"

My failing memory recalls that Teams was "forced" upon us, not as a choice but as an "update" to O365 Office Installations.. So kudos to Slacks because it is a choice not a force fed spoonfull.. ( We don't use Slacks so I can't comment on it)

* Is it a game changer : Definately not, it's just more of the same ol, same ol in one box...

* Is it particulary efficient, time saving or fruitfull.. No, not really, feels kinda mixed up and lost.

* Does it create a problem for Skype users : Yes definately. Can't install Skype on an Enterprise machine, can't use Skype Enterprise when Teams is installed. Teams doesn't communicate directly with clients that use Skype.... grrrrrrr.

You can send a link to a client but links in emails are often classified as spam or people are too wary to click on them.

* Are we extremely happy with Teams.. No, not really, we can't decide if it's a Jack of all Trades or just another Microsoft Malware.....

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