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What you're saying makes no sense. You don't think Iraq's neighbors had been selling oil to Europe for decades? Who do you think first built up Saudi Arabia's oil production?

As for the bombing: that was due to intelligence failures and another in a series of miscalculations by Saddam Hussein.

People seem to forget that Iraq:

Had used poison gas on civilians in their war with Iran. At the run up to the second Iraq war, they then refused access to sites by UN inspectors, leading people to believe they were still trying to produce the stuff.

Had a program to develop the bomb, and those facilities were destroyed by Israel. Again, they later refused to comply with UN inspectors.

Reasonable people had grounds to believe that their WMD programs had not been abandoned, based on Iraq's actions in the past and at the time. If Iraq had complied with the UN inspections, there would have been no second war.

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