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"Don't know about you; But I'm of the generation that was fed, watered & promptly booted from the house (After chores)"

Yes, that was the routine when I was growing up. Chores, breakfast, chores, play, lunch, chores, play, dinner, chores, a little TV and bed. The chores weren't that bad and didn't take long. We had horses, dogs, cats, chickens and for a while, rabbits. Some chores were projects I did with gramps during the summer when G&G would park their caravan at dad and stepmom's house to escape the heat where their house was. Loads of fun and I learned more about building stuff than any school would teach.

The only time I could stay inside is if it was hissing down rain. That was after chores were done. The horses still need to be fed.

I got my share of bullying, but I was also backed up by my friends so it wasn't bad or too frequent. Online, one could be bombarded relentlessly and rather cruelly.

I'm glad I was raised "free-range".

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