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Ok, let me just have a look at a few games I've been playing recently without problems on Windows:

Subnautica: Apparently it will work under Wine "99%", after a bunch of fiddling. So it's a starter, but clearly not up to par.

Forza Horizon 4: Nope, unsurprisingly for a Microsoft game, no one seems to have got this working on Linux

FTL: Has a Linux version, so all good. (Although you might need to disable PulseAudio to prevent it locking up)

Surviving Mars: Also seem to have a Linux installer (if you buy from GoG).

The Bradwell Conspiracy: No mention of it anywhere on the internet, but it's just come out. I'm going to chalk this down as a 'probably not'.

To sum up; a lot better than I was expecting, but still only about 85% of the way there.

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